VIRTUS Environment is an engineering company specialized in developing high technology solutions in the environment and energy sectors. It is a young company formed by professionals with vast experience in environment and energy projects.

In the environment field, the main expertise of the technical team is the design, construction and commissioning of treatment plants of all types of waste. We provide technical assistance and advice, and project and construction site management for waste treatment plants and sewage treatment plants.

In the area of energy use and energy conservation, we design and implement solutions to optimize the energy balance of the client. We also have experience in completing studies on waste usage, recovery of degraded energy, alternative energy use, etc.

Our goal is to ensure our name is linked with both flexibility and quality. From our point of view, this is the only way to proudly cross the finish line of every project. If we fail to fulfill all of our clients’ expectations, the run is not worth it.

For us, flexibility means providing:

  • Quick responses and a continuous adaptability to client needs.
  • A wide range of services: From technical and economic studies to detailed construction projects.
  • Different levels of expertise and scope of works: From advisors to managers, from partial consultancy for a particular issue to complete project development.

And our special emphasis on quality is mainly related to:

  • The punctual delivery of original documents and tasks.
  • Continuous leading technical support.
  • Understanding our clients’ situation and providing technology or management solutions with a high level of added value.